Welcome to GMI’s home page! We specialize in Product Development and Manufacturing.

We are excited to announce GMI Corporation as our company’s new name. GMI hails from its predecessor companies – Greenwood Machine and Greenwood Medical. GMI was recently formed to simplify our corporate structure and make it easier for all our customers to work with us. It also simplifies our business development strategy for future growth. We are still the same team of experienced and dedicated people with customer service, quality and on time delivery of value-added assemblies being our prime focus. GMI is ISO 13485 certified and ready to assist you with your product development, prototype, regulatory, and manufacturing needs. GMI has recently added additional product engineering talent who are experienced in medical device development to allow us to concentrate in this industry. We do however entertain non-medical opportunities if the potential relationship makes sense between our companies. GMI is truly looking for long-term relationships with our customers. We have been very successful in bringing high-quality products to our customers at a great value for them. For further detailed information about GMI, click on the GM logos above for either Greenwood Machine or Greenwood Medical and it will give you more information about our original two companies. We will continue to develop our teamgmi.net web page to illustrate all of GMI’s capabilities in a combined location. Thank you for taking a look at us!